Frequently Asked

An estate sale is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person.
An estate sale is for anyone in transition who wants to get the best financial value from the things they no longer want to keep.

The Kept House team meets with potential clients to listen to the client’s needs, review the best service options and build a plan around the selected services.

Take a look at The KH Process.

We recognize there are many stakeholders involved during life’s transitions. We encourage an internal meeting amongst family members, attorneys, etc. before meeting with Kept House to ensure the most efficient process.
Items that your family wishes to keep should be removed from the home prior to the sale, if possible. If this is not possible, we will designate a room to hold these items and it will be kept secured and off limits to customers. We will also clearly mark any larger items “Not For Sale” before set up begins. Additionally, as we are going through boxes, closets, drawers, etc., we may discover personal items that might be valuable to the family. We will always notify you of these found items and consult with you before selling them. If you have any doubt as to whether you should keep an item, we advise that you keep it, it can always be sold at a later date.
Kept House performs extensive research in order to obtain fair market value on all of the items up for sale. Items that can be sold include but are not limited to: art, antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, home décor, etc. If needed, we consult with specialists to assure accuracy for significant items. We can sell anything in the home that is legal to sell, even general household goods.
For effective advertising and set-up, we prefer a four week lead-time. The actual set up can last up to 4 days depending on the size of the home.
Sales generally take place over a two to three day period, starting in the morning until early afternoon. For very large sales, we may add an additional day or multiple weekends.
Typically estate sales are open to the public and we limit the number of people in the house to what our staff can manage.

There is a $1000 deposit required to receive any our sale or auction services.  We ask clients to refer to the client cost sheet  for details and examples.​

Kept House maintains relationships with community partners that you may donate certain items toward. We also provide trash services mentioned above for a fee. Beyond that, any items left are completely up to the executor of the estate.
KH works with local security companies to provide security for high-end sales. We will call police for theft or disruptive behavior. On sale days, Kept House team members will monitor spaces used during the sale. We keep a watchful eye in the spaces used during sale days.
We do not recommend client’s attendance. The estate sale process can be very emotional for clients and seeing buyers shopping through family treasures can be quite unsettling. Buyers do not have the same emotional attachment to articles in the home and feel more comfortable negotiating prices when the client is not on-site and/or participating in the sale. KH is happy to keep you updated with a daily report of the sale by e-mail, if desired. We handle the complete process so that you can relax.

After the sale, we provide you with a synopsis of the sale and a check for the proceeds minus our commission and any additional services that were requested. We provide these as a comprehensive package within 14 days of the conclusion of the sale, ensuring that the estate sale was conducted in an ethical manner.

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